A Font of Information

sample font stylesYour font can say a lot about your firm. Script fonts remind me of weddings, and I always think of wedding or party planners when I see them (or something feminine). Sans serif fonts tend to represent more modern or high-tech industries, while serif fonts usually convey respectability and stability.

However, because web browsers all have different ways of reading your website’s code, web designers must use care when choosing fonts for your website. This limits your font choices to universal fonts only, which is a missed opportunity for your website to stand out from the pack.

This may be changing due to CSS3, a new way of coding your website to allow for more font flexibility on your website. You may want to ask your webmaster or graphic designer about this option, so you can begin to integrate your overall branding strategy for your print materials with your web presence.

ht/ Field Notes: http://blog.capstrat.com/articles/you-cant-use-that-font-its-not-web-safe/

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