Bret Michaels is Yummy

On the Celebrity Apprentice, Bret Michaels got it. During the final challenge of this season of the show, Holly Robinson Peete certainly looked like a sure thing. Even so, I had a feeling though that Bret Michaels was going to win.

My hubby disagreed with me – he felt Holly was the more polished of the two contestants. Even the Snapple executives complemented her poise and skill, going so far as to suggest she could sit on their Board of Directors. The praise was deserved – Holly was dressed in professional business attire during the final presentation (in contrast to Bret’s Ed Hardy shirt, jeans, and bandanna). Her informational packet didn’t look like the typical Apprentice offering – it really did look like a professionally produced info packet. Holly also focused on the Snapple brand, creating an ad spot that could be part of Snapple’s current ad campaign. Something was missing though, even though Holly’s total package was probably more in line with Snapple’s current product line. The missing ingredient was celebrity – by treating this task like a real world assignment, Holly didn’t integrate her own celebrity as well as Bret, which in my opinion was the ultimate point of a celebrity endorsement and of this task.

Bret’s entire concept put him at the center, not Snapple. Additionally, Bret had an advantage in that one of his drink’s ingredients (cinnamon) and the fact that it was a diet product (less sugar) reinforced Bret’s charity (the American Diabetes Association) and his own battle with diabetes. The entire marketing concept used Bret and his celebrity to promote the product, not the charity or the product alone.

Ultimately, it was Bret selling himself as a rock star and celebrity that won the task. If the show had just been “The Apprentice” I’d have agreed with my husband that Holly should have won; since this is The Celebrity Apprentice, it was no surprise to me Bret Michaels was named this season’s winner.

And after drinking both flavors, I can say that Bret Michaels tasted yummy.

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Kill The Dog From Duck HuntAugust 23rd, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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