Kindness as a business strategy?

Epic Win Dry Cleaner

Hat tip to Epic Win FTW – Proof there is still at least one nice person left on the planet:

The sign says, “If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free.”

What a simple way to win new customers! People needing the service may reward the cleaner with future business. People who are touched by the service may renew their loyalty to this company. I know that if I lived in Portland, I would consider going out of my way to use this dry cleaner because of this.

Will someone take advantage of this? Possibly. But the good-will engendered, the potential new customers, the renewed loyalty of existing clients, and just the idea of helping others who need a hand in a trying economy probably offset the risks. I’m not familiar with dry cleaning, but I’d imagine that one or two additional suits in the mix will not increase the cost to the cleaner.

Even though it’s tough out there, opportunities to grow your business exist at little or no cost to a company, other than perhaps changing your short-term strategy from how you can profit to how you can help.

Has your business changed its strategy because of the economy? Have you considered giving away your product or service for those in need (eg: resume reviews, assistance with personal brand-building on sites like Linked-In, etc.) in the short-term? If you’ve considered it but decided not to, why?

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